How to Activate YouTube Dark Mode on Android Devices

youtube dark mode android

YouTube initially introduced the dark theme on their website in the early of 2017. And in the beginning of 2018, it appeared on iOS products also. During the period of this season, YouTube has announced plenty of other valuable features such as the incognito mode and break reminder. However YouTube has presented a dark mode on its website and iOS applications for a long time, it’s been getting its very own lovely time getting it to Android OS for reasons unknown.

YouTube has started introducing dark mode for Google android users. The dark layout basically inverts the color of the YouTube application user interface, switching the bright white background with dark gray. The feature is already accessible for desktop and PC users.

The YouTube dark theme simply helps people to watch the video clips on YouTube for a longer time without forcing and stressing the eyes. The dark layout is now widely popular on many other applications including Twitter. As per YouTube, the dark theme is probably the most wanted features for the mobile phone versions. Possibly one of the main reason why people wish to have the dark mode is it doesn’t damage the vision while enjoying YouTube videos before going to sleep.

Many people also think that black or darker interfaces preserve battery, but the truth is that it isn’t totally true. It takes place on products with AMOLED displays.

Remember that the feature has been spreading out slowly. So if you haven’t got the feature yet, you must in the upcoming days . Here’s the best way to activate YouTube dark mode on your Android phone.

How to Enable YouTube Dark Mode on Android

For android, to enable YouTube Dark Mode in your device, start the YouTube application on your Android mobile device. Be sure that your YouTube application is updated – this feature is only offered on the latest version of the YouTube application. If it is not up-to-date to the latest edition, check out the Google Play Store and update your application.

youtube dark mode android
Tap on the Settings option. You can find the Settings option with a gear icon, under the Turn on Incognito option.
dark mode android
Open the General settings option. It will probably be the first option from the menu.
Enable the “Dark theme” feature. Toggle on the grayish switch handle, right across Dark theme words or simply tap on the “Dark theme” label. YouTube’s white-colored background will certainly change to black color when you tapped it.

youtube dark theme android

Done. Tap on the Dark theme label once more to disable the feature on your android device. You can activate or deactivate this feature anytime. Enjoy your most desired video clips with better attention!


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