How to Enable YouTube Dark Mode on Desktop, PC and Mac

youtube dark mode

YouTube is the best free videos hosting website, where we can view, publish, like, promote, review and upload our own video clips. The website is introduced in the year 2005 and considered as the second-most leading website on the globe by Alexa Internet, an internet based web traffic Analysis Corporation. There are over four hundred hours of videos published to YouTube in every single minute, as well as one billion hours of videos are watched on YouTube daily. This online video sharing website can be used on Desktops, notebooks, tablets and by mobile devices.

At the time of YouTube launched, it was just a website that supported only 320×240 video formats at a 4:3 aspect ratio. During the last couple of years, YouTube released a plenty of brand new features. These days YouTube announced their apps and services that provide us different ways to enjoy and get even closer to the information and publishers we like. It enable us to view all combination of SD, HD, 4K, 360, 3D, as well as live videos on almost every device with an internet access – from PCs to mobile handsets , tablets to Televisions , video game consoles , as well as virtual reality devices.

YouTube evolution
The evolution of Youtube

From the last few years youtube is introducing some exciting new features as well as they have also been developing a fresh layout of the website. Recently they announce another exciting layout feature named as “YouTube dark mode”.

YouTube Dark Mode enables you to shift from the bright white background of the website or mobile application to black background that may be safe for your vision – especially in a dark place. This new feature also assists you to have a significantly better concentration on video clips while watching videos on YouTube and this also creates a cinematic sensation.

youtube dark mode
Youtube Bright White Theme vs. Youtube Dark Mode

Following is the comprehensive instruction tutorial of how to activate YouTube dark mode on Desktop, PC and Mac.

How to Enable YouTube Dark Mode on Desktop PC and Mac

STEP 1: If you’re working with a desktop or PC, go to YouTube in any of your web browser. For those who have not signed into YouTube click on “Settings” an image with three dots in the top-right corner of the website.

YouTube Dark Mode on Desktop PC and Mac


STEP 2: A new menu will show up. At this point click on “Dark theme: Off” option. It is the first option in the menu.

dark mode youtube


STEP 3: After you visit “Dark theme: Off” option, a new menu will open. Toggle on the gray switch button, present across Dark theme text. YouTube’s bright white colored background will probably change to dark black as soon as you do this. The Dark theme setting will only affect your current web browser. You may turn off this feature anytime in the same manner.

youtube dark mode not working


For those who have signed into YouTube click on the profile picture situated in the top-right corner of the website.
youtube dark theme pc


From the menu, about halfway down you will see “Dark theme: Off” option. Click this option from the menu.

how to activate youtube dark theme pc


A new menu with switch handle will appear. Toggle this switch handle, placed in the right across Dark theme text. Dark mode will turn on and it will remain active until you toggle it off by using the same steps.

activate youtube dark theme mac

youtube dark mode pc desktop

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